Our Brands

We make a lot of stuff – we’re pretty proud of it!

Giraffe Bottle

Hydration is important to your body, heart, brain, and muscles. The Giraffe Bottle provides the user with another level of independence and it also frees up the parent or caregiver.

Modular Hose

The original modular hose system! A multitude of nozzles, fittings, and accessories allow for customized solutions for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.


PVC is the number 1 choice in plumbing, and you’ll find plenty of it here! The strength and its light weight make it ideal for plumbing water supply, irrigation, and other projects.

For Fluids

Modernize your Lubricant Storage and Handling Practices! Lubrication storage, handling, and dispensing is often overlooked, but it is critical to a successful maintenance program- and that’s where we come in!

MOGO Mounts

The MOGO Mounting Solution is designed to offer a variety of uniquely flexible options for mounting. With three mounting arms to choose from, you’ll have the ability to select a configuration that meets your exact needs.

Product Features

A close-knit team of enthusiastic professionals- everyone at Oak Hill is dedicated to going above and beyond in order to supply you with the best experience possible.

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(630) 922-5005