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We make a lot of stuff, and we love to show it off. Collectively through our brands, we’ve made innovations in the field of Assistive Technology, something we’re pretty proud of. We’ve also modernized lubricant storage and handling practices, as well as provided a source of extensive resources for building strong. Check it out!

An Overview of Our Brands

Giraffe Bottle




MOGO Mounts


Our Brands

Innovations for Everyone

Assistive Technology

We’ve made strides in the assistive technology field, all with the goal of making life accessible for everyone.

Our brands provide cost effective, lasting solutions for matters such as mounting devices, and hands-free hydration. Providing a level of independence for our users is what we hold most important.

Take a closer look at our assistive technology collection with our brands Giraffe Bottle, MOGO Mounting Solutions, ModularHose and Fleximug.


Safe Material Management


Modernize your Lubricant Storage and Handling Practices! Lubrication storage, handling, and dispensing is often overlooked, but it is critical to a successful maintenance program- and that’s where we come in.

Find an extensive collection of parts and accessories to prevent fluid contamination with ease, as well as grease equipment, spill control, and other items to streamline safety processes.

Building Strong


PVC is the number 1 choice in plumbing, and you’ll find plenty of it here. The strength and its light weight make it ideal for plumbing water supply, irrigation, and other projects.

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