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In the spirit of making life easier, we’ve developed several lines of products in the assistive technology field. We like to provide assistance for people with unique needs, at affordable options for everyone.

Giraffe Bottle Display

The Brands

Giraffe Bottle

Our Hands-Free Drinking setups provide accessible systems with a variety of mounting options and levels of hydration.


The original ball-in-socket, ModularHose mounting solutions. Perfect for displaying devices, and numerous other objects.


A positionable Hands-Free Drinking Mug made specifically for those with mild-to-moderate reduced lung function.

MOGO Mounts

A collection of flexible mounting arms, with the ability to swap accessory ends quickly. Create a configuration perfect for you.


Giraffe Bottle

Hydration is important to your body, heart, brain, and muscles. Depending on user mobility, getting a drink might need different solutions.

A flexible drinking tube and positionable neck combine with a stylish bottle for hands-free hydration. Giraffe Bottle provides the user with another level of independence, whiile freeing up the parent or caregiver. 

GB Chair
All Giraffe Bottles


The original ball-in-socket system— durable modular plastic that can be built into a variety of different configurations.

We’ve consulted with some of the best occupational therapists we know, as to develop specific mounting solutions for devices in everyday life. Tailor it to specific needs and lengths with our extensive line of ModularHose products!

MOGO Mounting Solutions

Our line of flexible mounting solutions. Choose from different arms, surface mounts, and base mounts, that can be swapped out easily with our QuickClick accessories. Adjustable and easy to use, MOGO Mounts let you adapt to life’s needs.


As of 2024, Fleximug is a part of the Oak Hill Brands lineup!

Live with more independence, through this premium Hands-Free Drinking Mug. Fleximug is poseable, flexible, and stays in place for users with mild-to-moderate reduced lung function. By making accessibility a priority, Fleximug aims to change lives for the better.

Making Life Accessible

We take the opportunity to work with some great OT’s, and we love getting feedback on how to improve ourselves.

If you have any further questions about our assistive technology brands, or would like to form a connection, feel free to reach out!

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